This entitlement mentality should not be allowed to fester because it quickly infects

10. února 2018 v 3:05
This entitlement mentality should not be allowed to fester because it quickly infects other workers who are reliable and well-meaning. Years ago OSHA was bore a great deal of hostility because of their sometimes heavy-handed practices. The plastic molding supplies that are needed to operated an injection molding factory are expensive and many. For the operators, you have to have ergonomically arranged work stations, special nippers and cutters, blow dryers, tape dispensing tools, packaging tools, hair nets, safety glasses or goggles, gloves, hearing protection, possibly safety shoes and much more. All of this represents a considerable up-front expense for the plastic molding company. Many rules and regulations were strictly enforced without good reason.
A plastic injection molding machine can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the additional pieces of equipment required. At the time, there were cartoons circulating that showed a cowboy after OSHA. There are hoists, fork lifts, conveyor systems, air compressors, microscopes, packaging lines, printing operations, shipping and handling supplies, pallets, storage racks, monitoring stations and so on that must be purchased as well. This is why you see labels on fire extinguishers, MSDS areas, and painted lines separating various areas of the factory.
The thermolators, the material grinders, hot runner controllers, material dryers and sprue picking robots are just a few of the most basic types of molding supplies. . From beginning to end, there are specialized pieces of equipment. It showed a cowboy on horseback with every imaginable safety plastic woven bin Manufacturers guard, including a poop-scoop and spur guard! Many employees do not understand the huge financial risk the owners are taking and act as though none of it is important.
One look in a plastic molding facility and you can quickly see that a huge amount of plastic molding supplies is required to make the process work. I have witnessed the owner firing 80% of his staff in one day for this reason. When I asked him if that was a bit harsh he told me that "When the body has cancer, you must purge it!" At least I was not part of the problem in that case. It is one thing to have safety precautions at a coal mine and another to have similar ones in a plastic injection molding facility, for example.
These supplies must be treated with care and respect, so they can do the job they were meant to and last for many years. The federal agency OSHA, has enforced rather strict worker safety guidelines that must be adhered to as well.

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