Also seek out a food dehydrator that comes with several lightweight trays

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Also seek out a food dehydrator that comes with several lightweight trays. Choosing the right Food Dehydrator (Buying Tips) Think of your own safety and choose a food dehydrator with a double wall construction. Horizontal design There are two basic designs for food dehydrators. You will not only be able to process different types of foods at once, but plastic trays are easier to clean.

This makes a food dehydrator perfect for drying and processing food. 2. Double wall construction Because they heat up quickly on the outside, food dehydrators can burn you if youre not careful. There are several advantages for horizontally designed food dehydrators over their vertical counterparts. You dont need a high-end, pricey food dehydrator, as long as it contains all the basic elements, is lightweight, efficient and easy to use. Choose plastic or metal for durability and safety, wood can create a dangerous fire hazard and can be hard to clean.

Better than coolers and lighter than portable refrigerators, read on to find out more about food dehydrators, how they work and to get some buying tips. Prices for food dehydrators range from $50 to $350 and can be found at most department stores and appliance centers. A food dehydrator heats food at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, thus removing moisture. Auto shut-off features are also Storage basket Manufacturers available in some models you can just set the timer and tend to other things without worry. Just how do food dehydrators work? Heat and moisture can ruin perfectly good food, and can definitely be your enemies on trips where proper refrigeration is unavailable. After all, who wants to clean off crusty, sticky food juices?

Along with better heat penetration and easier maintenance, you can dry more than one type of food at once on separate trays while keeping food juices from dripping onto the heating element. . A food dehydrator with a timer will help you accurately time dehydration. A timer allows you to program an automatic shut-off after a set drying time so your food doesnt burn while youre away. Make sure theyre durable and preferably made of plastic. Or horizontal: heating elements located on the sides. There are presets available, or you can set the time manually. Timers A great feature to look for if you tend to forget things or need to turn your attention to other tasks while you let your food dehydrator do its thing is an automatic timer. What are the features you should look for?

For safety, make sure you choose a dehydrator with double wall construction it provides an extra layer on the outside to keep the heat inside and away from your skin.Whats worse than packing up your food for a long trip, and finding that it has spoiled en route? If only you had a food dehydrator, this whole mess could have easily been avoided. Vertical: heating elements are located at the top and bottom. Basically, a food dehydrator has a heating element, a fan, several air vents for circulation, and some trays.

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