Organize the rest as best suits you and your families needs

7. března 2018 v 7:14
Organize the rest as best suits you and your families needs. What space you have in your cupboard and if you think you may need some extra storage in the bathroom. Hope this has helped you all . Now have a think about what you really want or really need in your bathroom. What ever works well for you. Make sure that you open the window every day, even if its just for an hour. You may still end up having to store the bulk of Plastic Household Products your toilet paper in the linen closet, but at least you have some to hand in the bathroom.

This will help If you have a cupboard in the bathroom with draws, work out what you use most often and pop those things in the draws ie Makeup, Nail care items, Hair ties, and face creams and cleansers. If you don't have a lot of room in the bathroom cupboard, why not keep one or two spare hand towels in the cupboard and the rest can go in the Linen cupboard, as well as the pace cloth's. This also goes for body soap washes, lotions and creams. It will dry the bathroom out and keep it fresh. It is also a good idea to go through all Medicine and check the expiry dates.

One things I have to suggest, is to keep all medicines up high! Means if your friends that do have children turn up, you won't have to worry if they go in the bathroom! You never can be to careful! If you don't have a high wall cupboard in the bathroom, you could put them in a plastic container and up in the wardrobe or in the Linen cupboard. These days there are some great basket options, they now make very attractive baskets in resin, that are easy to clean.Regards to make up if its been in there for more than a year and you haven't used it, throw it out.

To make more room in the cupboard, you can put toilet paper (at least a couple of rolls) in a basket next to the Toilet or at the back or the toilet. There are some great plastic containers out there these days, expensive through to cheap and everything in between and they can be great as won't go moldy or be damaged by the mildew that bathrooms can grow. Then put all the bulk things in the back of the cupboard, but remember not to put them that far back that its a nightmare to get them out.

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